We Develop WordPress Websites Focused on Converting Visitors into Customers

We Develop and Deploy WordPress websites with the future of your website in mind

Creating a successful website is all about strategy

At Pupae Business Solutions we spend time with each client discussing the needs, expectations, and functions that are necessary for each individual client’s website to succeed.

Together we build a strategy to ensure your website stands out from competitors and succeeds online. We build websites with the mindset that your website will become your business’s hub for all digital marketing and traditional marketing efforts into the future.

No longer are websites simply a site on the internet or a red-headed step-child to the “actual” business – websites lead the way to the success of all digital marketing strategies. Every business is unique, and every business requires a website that is built to meet its unique needs.

WordPress is the website design platform choice of Pupae

We believe that WordPress is the best platform for the majority of our ideal clients – small to mid-sized businesses focused on growth. The WordPress platform powers nearly 1 in every 4 websites on the internet today. Take a second and think about the enormity of that stat – 25% of all websites on the internet today are built using WordPress.

WordPress is a well-developed and well-supported platform that is every growing and changing to keep up, and even setting the standards of website design and accessibility.

WordPress makes it easy for clients to make basic updates

With WordPress on the forefront of the web design and digital marketing world, the platform is relatively easy for clients to learn how to make basic updates to their own website, and to add new content and blog posts without the help of a website developer. Ease of use for clients is one of the biggest reasons Pupae prefers WordPress over most content management systems and web design platforms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and WordPress

Driving potential customers to products and services is a primary function of a website. Most people search for products and services before they ever pick up the phone to call a business or step into a business’s front door. The combination art & science of getting your products and services in front of searchers is known as search engine optimization, or SEO – this is our forte at Pupae Business Solutions  – check out our 5 SEO tips for entrepreneurs

With few modifications, WordPress becomes a very search engine optimization friendly platform, making it easier to build websites and create website content that will rank well in Google search results – leading to more clicks and more website visitors converted into customers.

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Website visitor tracking and reporting with Google Analytics and WordPress

As with search engine optimization, WordPress is very friendly at enabling website owners to collect data about visitor activity, in turn allowing website owners to rapidly improve areas of the website that are under-performing. We integrate Google Analytics into every website we build. Even though it is free, Google Analytics is one of the most powerful and robust website analytics software available.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), A/B testing and WordPress

As a society, we are well past the point of a website being a “set it and forget” part of our businesses. Websites are living and breathing things. Once a website is built and launched, it must be continually nurtured, maintained, and improved. WordPress allows website owners to quickly and efficiently monitor, update and improve their website to stay ahead of the competition. Using website visitor tracking data, website owners can continually test and improve.

Options other than WordPress

While we believe most projects can flourish using WordPress as the website platform, we understand that not every project is a perfect fit for the WordPress platform. We are happy to discuss other website platform options with you as well.

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